Reservation tips:

The conference secretariat has agreed with the hotel on a contract price for all conference participants.Please click here to download the "accommodation reservation form". After filling in and completing the information, please E-mail it to the hotel director.

Accommodation reservation consultation

Hotel director: Ms. Li Cai

Tel. : +86 13818643222

E-mail: 283245335@qq.com

**Accommodation reservation follows the principle of first come first served.The hotel can not guarantee that there is enough rooms without reservation.


1. Please complete the "accommodation reservation form" and send to the above mail address,

2. After your sending, please remit the first night room charge (RMB 620) to the hotel bank account:

Account Name: 上海浩荣酒店管理有限公司

Bankd: 上海银行普陀支行 

Account Number: 31577803002877596

3. Please e-mail your remit voucher to the conference secretariat email: ppcr@imiglobe.org, and note: Your name + PPCR.

4. If you want to cancel the reservation, please let us know at least 5 days in advance, otherwise the room charge will not be returned.

Reference Information

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