Plenary Speakers


WHO representative 

Topic: Assistive Technology and the World Health Assembly Resolution

Mr. Chapal Khasnabis graduated in 1979 from the All India Institute of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, specialized in Prosthetics and Orthopaedics. Prior to joining WHO, he worked at the National Institute for the Orthopaedically Handicapped. Mr. Khasnabis is currently Chairman of the Indian Society of Prosthetics/Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Professionals. He has worked for many international NGOs in countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Vietnam, Guyana and Sierra Leone, and also for WHO. Mr. Khasnabis is a technical officer of the Disability and Rehabilitation Team (DAR) of the Department of Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability (VIP). His responsibilities include the development of community rehabilitation and assistive devices (especially prosthetics and orthoses).

Prof. Hermano Igo Krebs

Topic: Rehabilitation Robotics: The MIT Experience

Dr. Hermano Igo Krebs joined MIT’s Mechanical Engineering Department in 1997 where he is a Principal Research Scientist and Lecturer. He also holds an affiliate position as an Adjunct Professor at University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Neurology, and as a Visiting Professor at Fujita Health University​, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, at University of Newcastle, Institute of Neuroscience, and at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Osaka University. He is one of the founders and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Interactive Motion Technologies, a Massachusetts-based company commercializing robot technology for rehabilitation. He is a Fellow of the IEEE. Dr. Krebs was nominated by two of IEEE societies: IEEE-EMBS (Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society) and IEEE-RAS (Robotics and Automation Society) to this distinguished engineering status “for contributions to rehabilitation robotics and the understanding of neuro-rehabilitation.”  Dr. Krebs has published and presented extensively on rehabilitation robotics, particularly applied to stroke. His work goes beyond Stroke and has been extended to Cerebral Palsy for which he received “The 2009 Isabelle and Leonard H. Goldenson Technology and Rehabilitation Award,” from the Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation (CPIRF). In 2015, he received the prestigious IEEE-INABA Technical Award for Innovation leading to Production “for contributions to medical technology innovation and translation into commercial applications for Rehabilitation Robotics.” His goal is to revolutionize the way rehabilitation medicine is practiced today by applying robotics and information technology to assist, enhance, and quantify rehabilitation.

Dr. Jianan Li

Topic: The clinical application prospects of rehabilitation robot

Jianan Li is a professor and chief doctor in rehabilitation medicine working as Chair of the Center of Rehabilitation Medicine, Jiangsu Province Hospital and President of the Zhongshan Rehabilitation Hospital, Nanjing, China.

He is an international associate of National Academy of Medicine, USA and the Immediate past President, International Society of Physical and Rehab Medicine as well as the associated editor, Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine. He is also President, the Chinese Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Chief Editor, Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Prof. Robert Riener, Dr.-Ing.

Professor at ETH and University of Zurich

Topic: About Cyborgs and the Cybathlon

Robert Riener studied Mechanical Engineering at TU München, Germany, and University of Maryland, USA. He received a Dr.-Ing. degree in Engineering from the TU München in 1997. After postdoctoral work from 1998-1999 at the Centro di Bioingegneria, Politecnico di Milano, he returned to TU München, where he completed his Habilitation in the field of Biomechatronics in 2003. In 2003 he became assistant professor at ETH Zurich and Spinal Cord Injury Center of the University Hospital Balgrist (“double-professorship”); since 2010 he has been full professor for Sensory-Motor Systems, ETH Zurich. Since 2012, Riener is member of the Department of Health Sciences and Technology, which he is chairing as head since 2016. Riener has published more than 400 peer-reviewed journal and conference articles, 20 books and book chapters and filed 22 patents. He has received 18 personal distinctions and awards including the Swiss Technology Award in 2006, the IEEE TNSRE Best Paper Award 2010, and the euRobotics Technology Transfer Awards 2011 and 2012. Riener’s research focuses on the investigation of the sensory-motor interactions between humans and machines. This includes the development of user-cooperative robotic devices and virtual reality technologies applied to neurorehabilitation. Riener is the initiator and organizer of the Cybathlon, for which he received the European Excellence Award.

Prof. Fan Yubo

Changjiang Scholar

Topic: Biomechanical research on rehabilitation and its application ​​

President of the 7th and 8th session of the council for Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering

Director of National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids

Dean of School of Biological Science and Medical Engineer, BUAA